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Useful Products and Cool Stuff

Canatec offers a fascinating and diverse range of ice-related products.

Canatec's Safe Aerial Beacon Deployment System

Aerial Deployment

For safe aerial drop of parachute-equipped cylindrical (17 cm diameter) payloads. Transport Canada certified. Attaches to DHC-6 (Twin Otter) aircraft.

Canatec's Parachute Release [see it on YouTube!]

Parachute Release

Non-explosive mechanical device that automatically releases drop-chute from payload upon hitting ground. For 10-20 kg payloads. Used where a drop-chute could be a hindrance to payload on ground.

Software Developer's Workstation for sale - USD 1,000

ASUS computer LG monitor

ASUS computer and LG 24-inch monitor. Windows 8.1 Professional and Linux Ubuntu 16.04 loaded.

4000 MHz Intel Core 17-4790K Processor, 32 GB RAM, 2 TB hard disk.

LG Flatron W2452T monitor with DVI cable

Microsoft USB keyboard, Logitech USB mouse, power cables. Contact us

Canatec's Sea-Ice Imagery Historical Archive

Picture of Sea-Ice

Rare and unique archive of 15 m spatial resolution photo quality prints of airborne synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images of the Beaufort Sea from 1983-91. 1.2 x 0.6 m prints in 90 filing boxes